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Curves For Women

Curves For Women
450 S Main St
New Britain, CT
(860) 225-1152

Gym, health club located in New Britain, Connecticut CT

The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes
$9,564.99 The second game inspired by the hit movie franchise, The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes arcade-style video game takes you to several breathtaking locales, from Shanghai to Monaco, and Sturgis to Switzerland. In Super Bikes, you choose from several licensed motorcycles and characters, with the ability to upgrade your bike with NOS, bigger engines, better tires, and more. In addition, the game's tracks offer several shortcuts and secrets, with lots of curves to keep you sharp. Curves are particularly important because power slides are a huge part of the game. If you learn to master them, you will have a huge advantage over your opponents. Built to outlastThe Fast and the Furious Super Bikes is a deluxe game that was built to high quality standards by the wizards at Raw Thrills. The cabinet itself is an eye-catching piece that was built with the operator in mind. In addition, Super Bikes fits easily through a standard door, and the bike (seat) fits into the cabinet without messy wires. Best of all, the bike was made to stand up to the abuse that other motorcycle games have never been able to handle. The plastic is much thicker and tougher than bike games in the past, and it has many anchor points to give it strength. Finally, the springs went through a rigorous testing process to guarantee the safety of future riders. The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes measures 37 by 83.75 by 62.75 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 620 pounds.

Bakko Single Curve Series Backboard, Available in Various Sizes

Smart-Field (30'x30'X5'H) Curve design - $3,579.98

JUGS Albert Pujols Baseball Backyard Package

ATEC Casey Pro Baseball Pitching Machine, 110V - $3,118.70

King Edward Viii (great Britain) - Photograph Mount Signed 1919 - Autographed NBA Photos

Garmin VEU003R - Great Britain. Northeast Coast - SD Card - $401.61

Brand New Garmin Veu003r - Great Britain, Northeast Coast - Sd Card - $387.48


Garmin VEU003R - Great Britain, Northeast Coast - SD Card - $374.99

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